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“Born Free: A Lioness of  Two Worlds,”  by Joy Adamson; the story of a lion cub in transition between the captivity in which she is raised and the fearsome wild to which she is returned.

“A Celebration of Dogs,” by Roger Caras; a mix of facts and feelings about dogs, and a look at the roots of the bond so strong between dogs and humans today

“Chicken Soup for the Horse  Lover’s Soul,” by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Marty Becker, DVM, Gary Seidler, Peter Vegso and Thersa Pelusa; true and inspiring stories about horses and people who love them.

“Good, Good Pig: The Extraordinary Life of Christopher Hogwood,” by Sy Montgomery;  a scrawny, orphaned piglet survives and thrives with the love of the couple who pamper him for 14 years.

“A Good Horse Is Never A Bad Color,” by Mark Rashid; memoir, horse training.

“Love Heels,” by Patricia Dibsie, true stories about Canine  Companions for Independence dogs. Trained to work alongside people with disabilities —  these canines forever alter  the course of their “person’s”  life.

“Through Animal Eyes: True Stories from a Wildlife Sanctuary,”
by Lynn Cuny; factual, sympathetic, but unsentimental, stories of rescued animals.


“FUP” by Jim Dodge; a Mark-Twain-like novel about a duck. And a boar. And Tiny, who builds fences. And Grandaddy Jake Santee, with his Ol’ Death Whisper whiskey.

A big, ugly, happy dog helps 10-year-old Opal make friends in her new hometown, find her place in the world, and let go of some of the sadness left by her mother’s abandonment.

“Sight Hound,” by Pam Houston; fiction – the story of  a woman, a wolfhound, and the covenant between them.

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